How to easily Download videos from Pinterest Online?

Pinterest is an amazing image-sharing social media application that helps users interact through media files like Pictures, Videos, and Gifs. With over 478 million monthly users, users from around the globe keep uploading their pictures, creations, and idea under a specific hashtag related to the media they posted. 

How to easily Download videos from Pinterest Online?

If you want to take any idea for a specific thing, you can always look up on Pinterest for different amazing, useful, and easy ideas. You can even create your collection of pictures, videos, and Gifs by pinning them to your cardboard.

Download Videos on Pinterest

You may want to save pictures from Pinterest to put them as wallpaper on your phone. You want to download the video because you like it or put it as your status because it’s inspirational and motivational.

If you want to save any picture on Pinterest, you can easily download it by pressing and holding the picture for a few seconds and selecting download in options. But, what about a video?

You can not download videos right away and directly from Pinterest itself, just like the video, so how to download videos from Pinterest? I will tell you how to download Pinterest videos on your phone and PC. I have given a stepwise guide for this. Let’s get into it.

How to Download Videos on Pinterest on the Phone?

Suppose you are using Pinterest on your phone, whether iPhone or any Android phone, and want to download video from Pinterest online. Follow the following steps to download the video from Pinterest.

• Open any browser on your phone.

• In the search bar, search for a

• Open Pinterest video downloader.

• Now, open Pinterest on your phone.

• Search for or locate the video you want to download.

• Open the video by clicking on it.

• On the top corner, click on the three dots.

• Copy the link and go back to the browser.

• Paste the link you just copied in the given bar.

• Click on the download option.

Download video from Pinterest on PC

If you use Pinterest on your PC or laptop and want to download video there. Not a big problem here either. Just follow the following guide.

• Go to the browser on your PC.

• Search for a Pinterest video downloader in the search bar.

• Click on any site you want to.

• Now, open Pinterest.

• Open the video you want to download.

• Copy the browser link of the video from the top of the browser.

• Go back to the site you opened earlier.

• Paste the link there and hit download.

• The downloader will download a Pinterest video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure to use Pinterest video downloader?

You can’t directly download videos on Pinterest. The easiest and safest way to download videos on Pinterest is from a Pinterest video downloader. Search for a Pinterest video downloader on the browser. Copy the link to the video and paste it there. In this way, you can easily download videos from Pinterest.

How can I easily download videos from Pinterest?

Yes, it is secure to download videos from the Pinterest video downloader tool. The sites with this tool provide a secure way for Pinterest users to escape third-party apps and use a secure link to download any Pinterest video.

Final Words

Pinterest is an amazing and useful social media platform. You can save any picture for wallpaper or any idea by downloading it. For videos, you can’t directly download them on Pinterest. 

If you want to download videos on Pinterest, you can search for a Pinterest video downloader in any browser, paste the video link there, and download it.

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