Introducing the Distribution Hacks Blog

I’ve been asked a lot lately about being a growth hacker. People want to know how to become one, what one does, what one is. It seems to be the new startup job title du jour - possibly replacing the trendy “community manager” of 2007.

At first I wasn’t super excited about being labelled, but I’ve had “distribution hacker” in my Twitter bio for quite awhile, and I like it. It feels like decent shorthand for describing what I do. I just never thought it would be so trendy. So I’m over my backlash and ready to embrace spreading the word about doing work that is analytical, results oriented, and – gasp – winning the respect of developers who have traditionally been skeptical of marketing.

Part developer, part marketer, part analyst, part product manager, part social coordinator. What the hell am I? I stopped worrying about that awhile ago, instead I focus on the incredible things that can happen when I put this diverse skill set to work. I’m a distribution hacker and proud.

This blog explores distribution hacks.

We’ll dig into hacks I’ve employed and ones I see working for others. I’m not going to be overly concerned with definitions, or whether something is technically distribution hacking or just really well executed marketing. The fact is there probably is a very blurry line between the two. It really doesn’t matter.

I’m going to focus on things that deliver results. I will also provide methodologies, tools (like some crazy spreadsheets), and candid analysis based on advising over a dozen companies, growing Twilio’s developer community to 100k strong before my departure in April of this year, and building my company in YCombinator this summer.

Advice at Scale

If you have some specific questions or areas you’d like me to address just drop me a note at or tweet to me at @DanielleMorrill and I’ll try to keep a steady stream of answers flowing. Enjoy!


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