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How to download the status of someone on WhatsApp?

how to download whatsapp status

WhatsApp is one of the most used and well known instant messenger apps in the world. With over billions of people using the app monthly. Without such a huge audience, the app fails to help you save the status you like.

It is possible that you like any status on WhatsApp and want to download it, but as WhatsApp does not come with any feature that allows downloading status. You have to wait for the person to reply with the status.

You can easily take a screenshot of a picture on status, but how can you download a video status? Don’t worry. This article will tell you how you can download someone’s status on WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Status by Third-Party App

Many apps are available on the Google play store that helps you download WhatsApp status. You can download them and save the WhatsApp status you want to download through them. Follow the following steps to save a WhatsApp status with the help of a third-party app.

·        Go to the google play store.

·        There search for the status saver.

·        Download the app.

·        When the app is downloaded, open it.

·        Allow access to files, media to the app, and media in the app.

·        Now, open the WhatsApp status you want to download.

·        Within the status, you will see an icon to save the status. Click on it.

·        The status is downloaded to your phone.

Download Status through File Manager

If you are not comfortable using a third-party app to download WhatsApp status, you can continue reading the article as there is another way to download WhatsApp status. It is quite complex and time-consuming but will save you from using other apps. You can easily download any WhatsApp status you want by this method. Follow the following steps.

·        Go to the file manager on your phone.

·        Open settings.

·        Find show hidden files, and enable it.

·        Now, go to the phone’s internal storage.

·        Click on the WhatsApp folder.

·        In the WhatsApp folder, go to media files.

·        In the media files folder, locate the statuses folder and open it.

·        You will see all the WhatsApp statuses you just viewed.

·        Copy the desired WhatsApp status that you want to download by pressing the video status and selecting a copy from the given options.

·        Paste the copied file into another folder.

·        Now you have saved the WhatsApp video status, and you can use it whenever you want by exporting it to the gallery of your phone.

Download WhatsApp Status through WhatsApp Mods

As we know, WhatsApp does not allow us to download any status directly. To overcome this problem, WhatsApp mods are developed. These mods come with a  built-in feature of saving WhatsApp status. You can use these mods to download WhatsApp status. Some options are given below.

GB WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus

Save WhatsApp Status Through Screen Recorder

The last option to download and save any WhatsApp status is a screen recorder. You can record the phone screen with the status playing and save the status. After screen recording, you can crop, fix, and edit the video the way you want. Here’s a stepwise guide to do it.

·        Go to Google play store.

·        Download the screen recorder from there.

·        Open the app once downloaded and give access to the app.

·        Now, open WhatsApp and start recording the screen with the icon on the phone’s screen.

·        Remember, the screen recorder starts recording after 3 seconds, so make sure to open the status you want to save after 3 seconds.

·        When the status is recorded, save the file.

·        Now you can crop and edit the recorded video and use it the way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download someone’s WhatsApp status?

You can download someone’s WhatsApp status by the status saver app. Once the app is downloaded, it will download the status with just one click. You can also use file manager to save the status file within the file manager.

You can also go for a screen recording of the status and the WhatsApp mods with a built-in feature of saving status.

How can I download WhatsApp status without an app?

You can save WhatsApp status through the file manager. Open file manager> settings> enable show hidden files> internal storage> WhatsApp> Media> Statuses. Now, copy the status you want to save and paste somewhere safe.


If you want to download any WhatsApp status, you can download it. There are several ways by which you can download status. You can use a third-party app from the Google play store to download status. You can use a WhatsApp mod, file manager, and screen recorder to save WhatsApp status easily.

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