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How to verify your identity on Cash App?

How to verify your identity on Cash App?

Verifying the Cash App account can prove to be of much help to customers as the daily sending and receiving limit is increased. A verification tick on the $cashtag of the customers indicates that the account is verified. To verify your Cash App account, consider following the below mentioned procedure:

  • To proceed with, launch the Cash App mobile application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Then, go to the ‘Balance’ tab and scroll down until you find the ‘Funds’ section.
  • After this, tap on the ‘Add Card’ option.
  • A new page will appear, asking for your information. Make sure to enter all the details like name, date of birth, expiration date, account number, and CVV number correctly. 
  • After this, proceed to your Cash App profile and enter your SSN.
  • Grant access to your Cash App camera and click the picture of any desired government-approved ID cards.
  • After this, you can take a selfie with the camera and proceed to enter your request. The verification process may take up to 24 hours. 
  • On-screen instructions may be available for the process.

Cash App account verification duration

The Cash App account can be verified through the provision of full name, address, and date birth. The standard time duration for the Cash App account to be verified is 48 hours or two business days and the customer will have to wait until that. A verified account has an increased transaction limit. You can also use Cash App Plus Plus to reduce this transaction limit.

Some important aspects to be noted during Cash App verification process are:

  • Celebrity accounts or the accounts of some famous people get verified easily.
  • People who have a verified account but tend to change their $cashtag, email, or phone number, will have their verified tick removed from the ID.
  • The sending limit on Cash App in the beginning is $250 within a week and the receiving limit is $1000 for a week.

How to identify that your Cash App account is verified?

There are multiple ways the user can analyze whether his/her Cash App account is verified or not. Following is a simple guide which will aid you in order to better understand if your account is verified by the company:

  • The user will receive a confirmation email or any sort of notification asserting that your Cash App account is verified. 
  • Also, when you will open your Cash App Plus Plus account to make any transaction, the daily sending and receiving limits will have been increased indicating that the account has now been verified.
  • Also, a verified account will allow you to make direct Cash App deposits, sell or buy bitcoins and stocks. 
  • A verification tick will also appear with your $Cashtag indicating that the process is now done. 

Concluding Lines 

Cash App is a money transfer application that allows a limited amount to be transferred within a specific time duration. However, verified accounts can have an increased sending and receiving limits and can trade in bitcoins and stock exchange. 

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